Ukuran Kasur dari single sampai custom

From Single To Custom, About Mattress Sizes

March 29, 2018

CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – What are your considerations when you want to buy a bed? Type of mattress, material used, placement in the room, who will use it. And now, introducing Mimpi Mattress!


This technology and lifestyle startup company that focuses on sleep quality. Frank De Witte is the founder and CEO of the company under the name Mimpi. In order to develop quality mattress products, De Witte said that he had learned the important elements that a mattress must have, namely health, comfort, support, temperature and endurance.


“The need for a quality mattress is important because everyone uses the mattress more than 33 percent of their life to wake up fresh and ready to seize the day,” he said, in a written statement.

Quoting the official website, here are some things that must be considered before buying a mattress and knowing the type of mattress needed.

  1. Mattress size: Size may be a matter of personal preference, as there are people who prioritize the size because of possible urgent family needs. Whatever the consideration or situation, never neglect to make sure the desired mattress is in accordance with the frame size.
  2. Room size: Make sure the mattress is not too big for your room.
  3. User: This includes the question: whether you will share the mattress with others or not. To determine the exact needs of users, here are seven types of mattresses that can help you choose:
  • Single mattress (90x200cm), ideal for children and adult singles, suitable for studio type rooms.
  • Single XL mattress (100x200cm), suitable for teenagers, tall adults, preferable for a limited living space.
  • Double mattress (120x200cm), suitable for guest rooms, not recommended for parents who want to share the bed with their children.
  • Queen mattress, is the most popular mattress of choice because it is ideal for the main room measuring in 2 x 2 meters, perfect for couples, and people who like a lot of space to move.
  • King mattress (180x200cm), perfect fit for a room measuring 3×2 meters, recommended for parents who want to share the bed with their children, and the right choice for couples who prefer a spacious bed.
  • Super King mattress (200x200cm), ideal for people with tall body posture and suitable for couples who want to move freely on the mattress as to having a spacious one.
  • The custom mattress is a mattress made on special request when there is nothing in the market that suits customer needs.


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