Yang Perlu Kamu Ketahui Tentang Social Jet lag

What You Need To Know About Social Jet Lag

June 27, 2019

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, the body is used to sleeping late at night and waking
up in the afternoon. As a result, this holiday habit will affect your body circadian rhythm. If this is a
habit that you do during a long vacation, then you can be sure that you will experience social jet lag
when you have to go back to work.

Do you know what is social jet lag? Social Jet lag is a post-entertainment fatigue syndrome. This
the syndrome occurs as a result of changes in sleep schedule when you are on vacation.

Conditions will feel different when you have to start working again after vacation. You have to get up
early and sleep faster. Thus, you have to force the body to fight the circadian rhythm. Social jet lag
often makes you think that your body is tired during the day, and your memory is getting weaker.

A good way to deal with social jet lag is to walk for 20 minutes under sun exposure during the daytime.
This is considered better than consuming caffeine during the day. By being exposed to sunlight, you
will generate the cortisol hormone in your body and keep you awake during the day.


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