Are you looking for the best latex mattress but still confused about what type of mattress is suitable for your room? Sleep dreams will provide an understanding of the kinds of mattress sizes that are right for you. Here are the types of mattresses that are most popular in Indonesia and their advantages. Come on, scroll down directly!

  1. Single: 35 "x 79" | 90 X 200cm
  2. Single XL: 39 "x 79" | 100 X 200cm
  3. Double: 47 "x 79" | 120 X 200cm
  4. Queen: 63 "x 79" | 160 X 200cm
  5. King: 71 "x 79" | 180 X 200cm
  6. Super King: 79 "x 79" | 200 X 200cm

Compare All Mattress Size

Mattress Type Mattress Size Capacity Room Size Suggestions
Single Bed 90cm x 200cm 2 children or


1 adult

2 meters x 3 meters
Double Bed 120cm x 200cm 2 adults 2.5 meter x 3 meter
King Size Bed 180cm x 200cm 2 small children and


2 adults

3 meters x 3 meters

Single Bed

Confused looking for a comfortable mattress for your baby? Dream Sleep offers you mattress Single Latex which has a soft texture and is also soft. With a single mattress size 90x200cm, is ideal for children or adolescents. Material natural latex which are anti mites, bacteria and fungi, very good for health, especially those who have allergies.

Single Bed suitable for individuals who have limited space such as studio type or dorm room. Through mattress technology in the box, the easier it is for you to move it anywhere!

There is also a mattress Single XL which is slightly wider than a single mattress. The size 10 cm wider than a single mattress, with detailed dimensions ie 100x200cm. This type is mattress size for 1 adult which has limited size rooms.

Are you getting interested in the mattress from the dream? Let's start the trial free During 100 nights and 10 years warranty post purchase. Single Bed and Single Bed XL are available in three choices that is Ace's dreamOriginal Dream and Luxury dream. Feel the sensation of sleeping on a 5-star hotel mattress right now!


Already planning to have dream house? Don't choose the wrong mattress! Choose a mattress that offers health, durability, comfort and luxury all at one affordable price.

Double Bed from Dream Sleep is suitable for those who are just starting their own home life. A double bed is also suitable for filling guest rooms to provide extra comfort for relatives who stay in your house.

Mattress size 120×200 For how many people?. We can say, a double mattress is mattress size for 2 people or a partner who likes extra space to move around. Double bed is not suitable for parents who wish to share a mattress with their children. 

We understand experience is important, so we offer you to give it a try free During 100 nights and 10 years warranty post purchase. Double Bed available inside three choices that is Ace's dreamOriginal Dream and Luxury dream

Immediately make your dream room come true with a mattress from Mimpi that guarantees your sleep quality is better than ever! All mattresses from dreams are made exclusive in Belgium and has passed international standard certification and is covered by many press media.


Often spend a lot of time with family on the bed? But worried about a broken mattress? Relax, Mattress from Dream Sleep is made of natural latex without threaded springs which make it secure and very strong, supports multiple individuals and is able to adjust to sleeping positions.

You don't need to be afraid of overheating when your baby comes to sleep with you. All product of Dreams have technology air circulation good for keeping the mattress cool.

With size 180 × 200, big enough for a couple sharing a mattress with their kids. This wide size makes King Size Bed suitable also for tall people and couples who value space. Sure, everyone likes the big mattress type, but it depends on room size which are owned. 

King Size mattresses require a large area of at least sized 3m x 2m. If your room is not too big, we still have mattresses Queen type the most popular in Indonesia. Mattress size 160×200 how many people fit? Queen Size can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child.

King Size available in three choices that is Ace's dreamOriginal Dream and Luxury dream. Record immediately on the list wishlist You or you can buy it too now with your favorite means of payment. Even more great, FREE SHIPPING!

Sleep Dream Mattress

So that's it various sizes of mattresses which is popular in Indonesia. Not only that, you can too order custom size mattress according to your taste. In order to support your comfort in resting, Mimpi Sleep provides various types of pillows with the best quality, such as:

  1. Spagetti's dream
  2. Soap dream
  3. Contour's dream
  4. Bolster's dream

What are you waiting for? Come on, hurry up and make your dream bedroom come true with the best quality mattresses and pillows from Mimpi Sleep now!

You can get a dream latex mattress online through the official website of The price of a dream foam mattress is very affordable and commensurate with the comfort you get.

List of Latest Dream Latex Mattress Prices

Ace's dream

Single (90cm x 200cm) Rp 3.800.000
Single XL (100cm x 200cm) Rp 4.300.000
Double (120cm x 200cm) IDR 5,100,000
Queen (160cm x 200cm) IDR 6,500,000
King (180cm x 200cm) IDR 7,300,000
Super King (200cm x 200cm) IDR 7,800,000

Original Dream

Single (90cm x 200cm) Rp 5.800.000
Single XL (100cm x 200cm) Rp 6.300.000
Double (120cm x 200cm) Rp 7.600.000
Queen (160cm x 200cm) Rp 9.800.000
King (180cm x 200cm)
Rp 10.800.000
Super King (200cm x 200cm)
Rp 11.800.000

Luxury dream

Single (90cm x 200cm) Rp 7.800.000
Single XL (100cm x 200cm) Rp 8.300.000
Double (120cm x 200cm) Rp 9.100.000
Queen (160cm x 200cm)
Rp 13.100.000
King (180cm x 200cm)
Rp 14.300.000
Super King (200cm x 200cm)
Rp 15.800.000