Our Story

After founder Frank met and married his Indonesian wife Ellen in 2015, he decided to move to Indonesia. Once there, Frank went looking for a new mattress for the new house, where his search began at some local mattress showrooms with vast fields of mattresses neatly laid out under a buzz of fluorescent lights. All these mattresses looked exactly the same, while sales people of the stores were trying to force him to buy a mattress. They had no knowledge of the technology used within these mattress and offered him strange discount calculations which didn’t make sense at all. To make matters worse, Frank could only try the mattresses for a few minutes which made it impossible for him to know if it would be the right fit for him.

After a frustrating day of stressful mattress hunting, Frank shared his story with his best friend Sam. Sam, who had been living in Indonesia for more than a decade, had similar experiences. It was then that the two friends decided they would work together to change the mattress industry so they returned to their home country Belgium to work with hundreds of industry professionals to design the perfect mattress for Indonesia.

After much time and effort, a new technology was born: MIMPI SLEEP.


Founded in 2016 by two Belgian friends Frank and Sam who live in Indonesia with their Indonesian family, Mimpi Sleep offers premium sleep products imported from Belgium at an honest and affordable price.

Mimpi Original, Mimpi’s most popular model, also known as Indonesia’s first online mattress that could be packed in a box, is build with innovative technology and materials from Belgium.

By prioritising the customer and creating an experience based on their feedback, Mimpi Sleep set some industry-disrupting changes in motion that caught the attention of our customers. With an online approach only, Mimpi Sleep taught sleepers the importance of a mattress and offered a 100 night fee trial to replace the traditional store experience.

But there was much more work done. In 2019 Mimpi Sleep elevated its mission to a bigger platform as one of the world’s leading latex manufacturers partnered up with Mimpi Sleep so they could offer the best natural latex in their products.

Mimpi Sleep is radically reshaping how we think about sleep, mattresses, pillows and shopping—and we’re just getting started.


Luxury Mattress at Affordable Prices