E-Commerce Kasur Premium “Mimpi” dan Produk Baru

“Mimpi” Premium Mattress E-Commerce and New Product

December 01, 2021

Mimpi is a startup e-commerce that sells premium quality mattress in affordable price, who also claims to be the only online player that targets this certain segment. With large Indonesian conventional mattress making companies as its competitors.


“We understand that, since our business is available online, it may ‘interfere’ with conventional businesses that is currently existing. Though Mimpi is striving forward together rather than being a competitor of these companies,” says Frank De Witte, Founder and CEO of Mimpi.


Mimpi is a startup e-commerce specifically selling premium quality mattresses, and has launched its website as well as releasing its four new types of products today (08/18). Mimpi is a company that combines technology and practical packaging process. Frank stated that Mimpi is currently focusing its targets on Jakarta and Bandung.


“At the beginning of our business, we did a lot of research, gathering feedbacks, while developing our technology to ensure that our products have the right target market.” Mimpi has target its market with prices ranging from Rp2 millions to Rp11 millions, shipping cost is excluded for purchase via Mimpi website.


Compression technology from Belgium

Frank stated, the technology Mimpi is using in its mattresses are the best that’s been developed in Belgium. While the manufacture and storage are located in Java. “The specific materials we use are the covers, which is imported from Belgium. The rest of the process ( manufacturing and shipment) is done in Indinesia,” says Frank.


Compression technology that’s Mimpi has developed capable of reducing the size of the mattress, as well as a specific box that makes packaging and shipping more practical. So there’s no need for large packaging and larger transportation to send the mattress.


“We learn a lot from Apple’s packaging system. Everything looks neat, practical, and also works very well,” says Frank.


2018 focus and goals

Mimpi is working together with DHL and Shipper, a startup aggregator logistics company, for delivery. Payment can be done via bank transfer (credit card to Midtrans).


“Our focus at the moment is to conduct marketing activities, educate prospective buyers related to the benefits of our mattresses and increase the number of sales,” Frank stated.


In the future, Mimpi looks forward to work with Lazada, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak for sales purposes. For now, Mimpi still run its business using bootstrapping and not yet planning on fundraising. Any purchases can only be done on the official Mimpi website.


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