Cotton Bed Sheet is More Durable Overtime

After having a perfect mattress from Mimpi, you should also look for the right bed sheet to cover it so that the mattress stays clean. By maintaining the cleanliness of your latex mattress, sleep will become more restful. But do you know what types of material that is good for bed sheets?

Cotton, polyester, silk, satin and bamboo fiber materials are the kinds of materials that are usually used to make bed sheets. All of these materials have their advantages. However, cotton-based bed sheets are a great choice if you are a busy person and still have small children. This cotton-based bed sheet is a very good choice when viewed in terms of maintenance, durability, and price.

To choose a bed sheet, what must be considered is the material, not the brand. When you shop for a bedsheet, you shall check again whether the bed sheet is 100% cotton or is a mixture of cotton and other material, like polyester. Polyester is made from plastic compounds. This means bed sheets made of polyester will feel a little bit hot.

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