Aroma Segar Untuk Bangun Tidur

Scents to Wake You Up

November 15, 2021

In addition to a variety of scents to help sleep, there are also aroma choices to help us stay energized and alert as we wake up in the morning. Adapted from the Sleep website, here are some scents of choice you can use in the morning.

1. Not only delicious and nutritious, but the aroma of lemon, orange, and grapefruit (citrus) can also increase the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone) and reduce levels of stress hormone norepinephrine. Lemon may be the strongest among the three, as proven by sniffing it can improve mental stimulation. Since the aroma comes from everyday foods, indulge yourself with a delicious grapefruit every morning or squeezing a few lemons or oranges is also not a bad idea.

2. Not only does the smell of peppermint help us to stay alert and focused, but it also enhances stimuli that boost our work performance to the better.

3. Another smell that will boost our work performance is the rosemary, as it provides us with more mental and physical energy. Apparently, not only coffee can keep us productive. Sprinkle some rosemary herbs to breakfast every morning is worth a try.

4. This fourth choice of a scent can also be a medicine for nasal congestion because it helps clear the nasal passages. Eucalyptus is a woody aroma that can also increase empathy when combined with menthol and camphor.


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