Bagaimana Cara Memilih Platform Bed yang Tepat

How to Choose the Right Platform Bed

November 15, 2021

Considering the average person spends ⅓ of their life sleeping, your mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your home. You certainly want to choose the best ones for your family! With numerous styles and designs available today, platform beds consistently remain a popular choice.

Here is your best guide to choosing the right platform bed:

Apa itu Platform Bed?

What is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a simple frame constructed from various materials that offer a foundation for any type of mattress. This affordable option serves as a bed frame with a built-in foundation. It provides a more modern and sleek appearance and a lower profile than bulky traditional beds that require a box spring.

What Platform Bed’s Material is the Best for Me?

These days, you can find plenty of platform bed design choices. However, the materials usually remain the same throughout the years.

Tempat tidur kayu


Wood is a classic option for any type of furniture. It will give a rustic vibe to your bedroom. However, depending on the wood, the wood platform bed can be very heavy and would be hard to move around.

Metal bed


Usually made of steel or iron, metal platform beds is also another popular option. You may choose this if you prefer a more modern or industrial look. Unlike wood, metal platform bed won’t stain or fade over time.


Usually made of wood, these bed frames are usually super comfy and bold with a luxury looking touch. It dressed in a variety of fabrics and allows you to personalize it. However, you need to vacuum it frequently, especially if you have allergies.

Quick Tips

  • Consider current mattress and bedroom size
  • Compare and choose the right materials
  • Pick the ideal height
  • Ensure overall quality

Mimpi kasur sempurna

Mimpi Mattress Can Fit All Surfaces!

Whether you place your Mimpi’s mattress on the solid platform or box spring, Mimpi can fit them all! Our mattresses are sturdy as they are so if you place them on the floor, it’s totally okay! We use high-quality durable support foam – it is a strong base layer that strengthens the top layers and adds long-lasting durability.


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