Musik yang Digunakan oleh Penderita Gangguan Tidur

Music Used by Patients with Sleep Disorders

March 13, 2019

Sleep disorders are very diverse, as well as how to handle them. One of the recommended therapies
to cure sleep disorders is through music. Based on research conducted by a group of doctors at
Aarhus University, it is known that music can be a therapeutic tool to help patients that suffer from
sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Classical music is music that is used as a tool for research and music therapy in patients with sleep
disorders because of its stable rhythm. This classical music makes the listener feel calmer because of
its low pitch. Examples of this music are the 3rd movement of Adagio molto e cantabile, Moonlight
Sonata and Symphony 9 by Beethoven, Clair De Lune by Debussy, Meditation by Massenet, and

If you are interested, you can also try other types of music that provide serenity. The music that
mostly provides serenity is music that has a tempo of 60-80 bits per minute like Only Time,
Caribbean Blue by Enya.


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